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20+ years of High 5 Ballooning

Tony Sica

Our pilot Tony Sica has been an FAA certified hot air balloon pilot since 1999. His love for the sport started 25 years ago. In 1995 he chased down a balloon that floated over his home in Derry NH. His children were so excited that he put them into the car and followed the balloon to its landing site. The pilot of the balloon was kind enough to put the children into the basket and float them across the field to the site where the balloon was deflated. They never forgot that and neither did Tony.

To this day if conditions at his landing sites allow and there are any children present, he will offer to put them into the basket for their own little mini flight. One that they will hopefully never forget.

Since the company started in1999 Tony has hosted passengers from every continent on earth. From small children to grandparents, he has passed on his love of ballooning to thousands of passengers seeking the awesome experience of soaring with the wind in a hot air balloon. He invites you to share in this remarkable experience.

Our balloons

Our Balloons are manufactured by Cameron Balloons USA. This company produces the finest balloon systems in the world. It is a federally registered aircraft and inspected annually or every 100 hours of flight time, whichever comes first.

Our balloon envelopes are appropriately named Smile High Jr. Smile, High Sr., and Horizon High.

Our largest balloon, Smile High Sr. has enough lifting power to carry up to 1300 lbs. of passenger weight on an average New England day. Smile High Jr. is used primarily for tethered events at private parties and public events. Horizon High is used for flights with a total combined passenger weight of less than 800 pounds.

Our basket is the first one ever manufactured with a door. No need to climb a ladder or the sides of the basket to board. We simply open the door and invite you in. Our basket or (gondola) has two burners (engines) as well as independent fuel systems withquick shut off valves for maximum safety and redundancy.

Our balloon systems are meticulously maintained to assure our passengers a safe ride experience as well as a beautiful one.

Horizon High
Smile High Jr.
Smile High Sr.